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Hi Everyone,

I’m Back. Today I am going to talk about my hut project. There are some pictures above of my groups house.


We chose to look on Nkayi, Zimbabwe.

Here are some pictures of Nkayi.

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My group was Natalya, Daisy, Louisa and Myself.

Here is a link to their blogs.




Our theme for this task was ” How We Express Ourselves”. This relates to our task because we can express ourself in our project by sharing our ideas to make a house or hut like this. The lines of inquiry are

“Actions speak louder than words.”

“We are connected to the world.”

“Beliefs and values can be expressed in different ways.”

I think all of these lines of inquiry fit into the central idea and the task but my group thought that the best line of inquiry that fitted into this was …


Actions speak louder than words because we are taking action by building a small house for someone who needs it

Instead of talking about how you could help.


 “Actions speak louder than words”, because our actions to help people that aren’t as lucky as us, are making a difference, and if we actually do things it is much better than just talking about making a difference.

Our group thinks that we used these PYP attitudes and attributes…

Risk Takers


 Open Minded and


We also used



 Enthusiasm and

We were respectful towards each other.

I have demonstrated being a risk taker by trusting my friends with idea that they wanted to try.

I have demonstrated being open minded by letting the rest of my group have a go with their ideas.

I have demonstrated being a communicator by when we disagreed we didn’t physically hurt each other we communicated with each other.

I have demonstrated being a thinker by thinking of what we could do to make our hut the best it can be and make sure not to compare ours with other group.


My group all needed thinking skills when we had to picture what a house looked like. To help I also looked at some videos of Nkayi, Zimbabwe.

Here is a link to where I got the information.

My group all needed research skills when we had to find out more about Nkayi. For example when we had to find videos.

My group also needed social skills since we were in a group. For example we needed social skills to resolve conflict or to make decisions together.

The materials we used were…


 Paddle pop sticks

Rocks and Stones

 Blue Tack



 A lot of glue


 and finally sticky tape.

We learnt a lot about Nkayi such as

  • Nkayi has very few dusty, dirty roads
  • Nkayi has small huts made of dried natural resources like bark, sticks and mud
  • Nkayi people’s main way of transportation apart from walking is going by bus but there are lots of bus accidents.

Louisa found this out because she was studying Nkayi when we had to do another task.

If you have any questions you would like to ask me comment down and I will answer them.

Thank you for listening. Make sure to comment and subscribe.

Thanks Char