You Guys Can Be Involved

Hi guys,

I’m back. Today I want to see if you want to get involved in my blog.

What I mean is that I will give you guys a topic that I think is a great topic to talk about.

Then I will give you a couple of questions to talk about. Then we can all get involved and we can talk about my questions and you can ask me some questions, and if I think it is really good I will put your name blog and your question or questions on my blog.


So comment down below if you think it is a good idea and you want to be involved. I will do this if I get 10 quality comments on my blog.


If you are one of those 10 people to be a quality comment I will post a blog post about you or your blog. I will also tell people to visit your blog , comment and subscribe. But I will not do it with out your permission.

If you want to use this idea on your blog feel free to. But I want you to my put my name, url, and tell people to come and visit my blog.

Plus if you really like my blog please subscribe.

Thanks Char