UOI Government And Power

Hello everyone. Today I am going to be talking about what I have been learning in UOI/history. UOI stands for Unit Of Inquiry which basically means what unit/area of inquiry/history we are working on. In term 3, year 6 have been looking at government and power. I am really enjoying this unit because I am learning a lot of new things and having a lot of fun learning it. We have learnt a lot of things to do with politics and government, we are even working on an adobe spark (a digital program) to put our information on. There is so much fun learning going on. Today I am going to focus and talk about 1 thing I have learnt. It is our electorate. Before I get to what electorate we are in, do you even know what an electorate is?


As we all know, Australia is split up into territories and states. When there is an election, things are different and they get split up differently. They get split up into 150 federal electorates. Some of them are small and only cover up about 20-40 square kilometers, and some of them are huge, that cover up 1-2 million square kilometers. Now you might think “that is totally not fair. How will the electorates with only 20-40 square kilometers win the election?” In elections, each electorate doesn’t matter of the amount of size it holds, but what really matters is how many people are living in the area. Each party votes for an MP, which is their leader. They represent their party. So now you know what an electorate is. Now you can find out what electorate you are in.

If you click this link here you can find out what electorate you’re in, who’s your leader, if they are liberal, labor, the greens etc, and how many votes they got. Click on the world and then find what country you are in, state, city, suburb etc. Anywhere you click on has an electorate, so be careful on where you click and if it is the right place.




I hope you enjoyed this post and learnt a lot about what an electorate is. If you have any further questions, ask me in the comment section below.

Thanks, Char.

Passion Project Week 5

Hey guys

This week I am concentrating on ‘doing’ phase of my Passion Project.

Doing phase is all about creating, making, learning and understanding.


My Passion Project is due soon which means I have nearly completed all the tasks I set out to do and I am actually feeling sad. But I am also happy because I have made so much progress and I can’t wait to share with you my end product.


When I first started I had some doubts about it because I was making a movie about my dogs, staring my dogs but then I wanted to do include something more inspirational in my project and with some amazing help from Guide Dogs Australia, my parents and a little inspiration from my dogs, I have gotten this far and I’m so excited.


This week I created a foam board as a visual prop that will accompany my movie. My board has information about dogs as pets, different breeds of dogs but also valuable information about Guide Dogs and vision impairment that many people experience. On my stand I will have a vision tool where you look through different settings to experience how much vision people with impairment actually have to give you an idea how much they can see in real live. I found that really interesting and it helped me understand where Guide Dogs fit in the process and how my assisting people can become mobile and independent.


In terms of filming my video I have recorded me reading Toby’s story. I am only going to give you a hint of what the story is about because I want to save it for the movie.  Toby’s story is about a puppy growing up to a grown guide dog and his journey of helping people.


You know what is so strange, I have seen so many Guide Dogs before and I would just walk past them but now I really notice them and wonder what their story is and what kind of vision impairment their owner has.

Did you know that when a Guide Dog is in harness, it is working with the person who is blind or has impaired vision so that  they can move around safely and independently. Whether it is walking, sitting or sleeping, it should not be patted, fed or distracted (Guide Dog Etiquette)


Below is a  a picture of a Guide Dog I saw on a train last week – I am so happy to share with you Guide Dog in action.

Displaying 20170524_201045.jpg

See you next week.




Passion Project Week 4

Hey guys!

Today I am back with another Passion Project post.

This week I have already started filming my movie and I have contacted Guide Dogs Australia and they have helped my a lot. I have asked guide dogs australia some questions and how I can help them. They told me what I could do and they very kindly sent me some things. There is a link down below telling you what Guide Dogs Australia provided me. I also added a video of some of the footage I took this week.  




I hoped you liked the video. That’s all that I did this week. I will keep you posted.

Thanks Char

Passion Project Week 3

Hi guys

Our week 2 blog is about “getting started” on our passion project.

Last week I let you know that my passion project is about Dogs and that I’m making a movie about my dogs. I have made a few last minute changes to make sure I was 100% happy with my project.

Here they are:
My concept is to present different information about dogs, to build awareness that dogs aren’t just really, REALLY cute little animals but they can be so much more. You will see more though out this project.
I am going to add your questions in my movie. Each week you can ask me any questions about dogs and I will add them in my movie answering them. Make sure to also leave your URL to your blog as well.

I have finished my draft and my movie is going to be about pets which are my dogs compared to guide dogs which play a big role in peoples lives.

This week our additional task was to show you what SKILLS, MATERIALS, RESOURCES and INFORMATION we need for our passion project.

Here are some of mine:
research Guide Dogs Australia and set up an interview in their office
Research dog breeds and jobs dogs do
Learn how to film better
Presentation of my concept on foam board

MATERIALS: foam board, paint, stickers, paper, camera or my iPad,

RESOURCES: guide dogs Australia. My dogs, friends dogs, various reading materials about dogs.

INFORMATION: dogs can be more than just cute and cuddly animals. Guide dogs can assist anyone who has difficulty moving around as the result of vision loss.

I will know I successfully learnt my task when I can make other people aware about wonderful work Guide Dogs do and how through mobility comes independence.

I am loving my passion project so far and I can’t wait to tell you more about it next week.

Keep you guys posted
Thanks Char

Passion Project Week 1 & 2

Hey guys. I’m back. Today I am going to be talking about passion projects.

If you don’t know what the aim of a passion project is, it is when year 6s create a project in a limited amount of time,(in this case 7 weeks) but the project has to be something they are passionate about. I am creating/making a movie about my dogs. I have a few ideas of what it will be about but not completely sure. Comment down below what you think it will be about. To make sure that I finish in time I have created a timeline showing what I will do each week. Then you will know when to come back and what I will be posting about. Here is my timeline.


Week 1 and 2: Finish draft about movie and start researching and making the set of the movie.


Week 3: Finish making set and have meeting TBA (to be advised.) Start filming the intro using Imovie.


Week 5: Get other animals and dogs into the movie and film.


Week 6: Film more and more with my families help. Finish the movie and edit it.


Week 7: Edit the movie more and ask my parents for their opinion. Be ready to show.


Along with my timetable/timeline there will also be a task which will give more information about my passion project.

Keep you posted.

Thanks Char

School Subjects

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to talk about our school subjects.

In our school we have so many different varieties of subjects we can do. In the junior school we participate in all of the subjects but in high school we get to choose. Which is why I’m here today.

Today I am going to ask you guys 6 super easy questions…


1.What Year Are You In?

2. How Old Are You?

3.If You Are In High School Was It Tough For You To Pick What Subjects To Choose From?

4.If You Are In The Junior School Do You Think It Will Be Hard To Choose?

5.What’s Your Favourite Subject?

6.What’s Your Least Favourite Subject?


Please comment down below what your answers to the question is and if you have any more questions we can add.

Thanks Char


My Favourite Book Series 2016

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to talk about my favourite book series this year, Once, Then, Now, After and Soon by Morris Gleitzman.

These books have had a huge impact on me this year and I have learnt so much about how things use to be during World War II.


The link to where I got this picture is https://www.pinterest.com/pin/262405115766924727/

Once is about a Jewish boy named Felix and his life in World War II. Felix’s parents left him in an orphanage and he pretended he was a German boy. As Felix got older he wanted to find his parents so he left the orphanage and set off to find his parents.

Then is about Felix still trying to find his parents but along the way he meets and lot of characters and makes friends. How do they stay safe hiding from the Nazis? Do they get caught and taken to concentration camps?

After is about Felix’s adventures during mid to end of World War II. Has Felix changed during the war? How many of his friends are still alive? Has he found his parents?

Soon is about what happens after World War II.  Is Felix safe now? Is the world safe? Are people living together or are they still fighting?

Now is about Felix as an old man living in Australia and it a story about his granddaughter. How have memories and experiences from World War II influence Felix’s life? Is he happy now? Does he get along with his family? What happened to all his friends? How come he now lives in Australia?

I don’t want to say to much which is why I included questions to make you wonder where the story might be going.

I definitely recommend  these books. While I read them I was scared, happy, worried and I even cried. These books are my favourite book series because from my perspective there is so much real life detail and I’ve learnt so much about World War II. if you think you know the answers to any of the questions or if you have read any of the books or even if you have a questions about these books, please share your comments below.

Thanks, Char