Year 7 Orientation

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be talking about my year 7 orientation.

This year I am in year 6 and I am loving it. The last 2 days (Monday and Tuesday) I have been having my year 7 orientation. We got to do so many fun things and it was a great experience. We had many girls from many year groups telling us about their experience in year 7, their challenges and how to face them, highlights, and many many tips which was very helpful to know. We got to meet a lot of new girls, and do a lot of super fun activities.

My questions for you today are:

  • what year are you in?
  • have you had your year 7 orientation?
  • have you had your year 6 formal yet?


On Monday we came to school and we got a name tag with a coloured dot on it. The dot represents what group we are in for the activities (because there is a lot of girls), I was in the yellow group with so many nice girls who I got to know more. For the first 4 sessions we did testing, for the next 2, the yellow group did science and food tech. Science was really cool as we made a mixture to blow out a candle. In food tech we made cherry ripe bliss balls which tasted really good. Monday was such a fun day and my favourite activity was science.



On Tuesday, we came to school and again we got the exact same name tag as Monday. Today there was no testing to taste sessions on subjects. For the first session we found out a lot about year 7, and some girls from high school came  to talk to us. In session 2 we had drama. I also had a music audition in that time. It was a lot of fun. Drama was such a fun activity where we played a lot of games and we learnt a lot of tips on how to act! In session 3 we had sport. Sport was a lot of fun as we played a lot of games and some new games that I have never played before. We learnt lots of skills and had heaps of fun. In session 4 many teachers talked to us about, music, sport, outdoor education and co-curricular activities. I found it very interesting and really enjoyed it. After that we had a scavenger hunt around the school which was heaps of fun. In sessions 5 and 6 my group did visual arts which was my favourite activity. Our art teacher confused our brains with activities that we normally wouldn’t do, told us some facts like we see things upside down first and then we flip it over, so we did drawing of something upside down. And we sketched something that we like doing but we could only look at the reflection of the mirror. Tuesday was such a fun day that I loved. I made so many new friends.

In conclusion, my overall year 7 orientation was amazing. I loved it and made so many new friends. I can’t wait to see them again next year and start year 7.

Thanks Char

UOI Government And Power

Hello everyone. Today I am going to be talking about what I have been learning in UOI/history. UOI stands for Unit Of Inquiry which basically means what unit/area of inquiry/history we are working on. In term 3, year 6 have been looking at government and power. I am really enjoying this unit because I am learning a lot of new things and having a lot of fun learning it. We have learnt a lot of things to do with politics and government, we are even working on an adobe spark (a digital program) to put our information on. There is so much fun learning going on. Today I am going to focus and talk about 1 thing I have learnt. It is our electorate. Before I get to what electorate we are in, do you even know what an electorate is?


As we all know, Australia is split up into territories and states. When there is an election, things are different and they get split up differently. They get split up into 150 federal electorates. Some of them are small and only cover up about 20-40 square kilometers, and some of them are huge, that cover up 1-2 million square kilometers. Now you might think “that is totally not fair. How will the electorates with only 20-40 square kilometers win the election?” In elections, each electorate doesn’t matter of the amount of size it holds, but what really matters is how many people are living in the area. Each party votes for an MP, which is their leader. They represent their party. So now you know what an electorate is. Now you can find out what electorate you are in.

If you click this link here you can find out what electorate you’re in, who’s your leader, if they are liberal, labor, the greens etc, and how many votes they got. Click on the world and then find what country you are in, state, city, suburb etc. Anywhere you click on has an electorate, so be careful on where you click and if it is the right place.


I hope you enjoyed this post and learnt a lot about what an electorate is. If you have any further questions, ask me in the comment section below.

Thanks, Char.

Passion Project Week 7

Hi guys.

This week was the last week of my passion project and I can’t believe how fast the last seven weeks have gone.

Aim of the passion project was to create something we are passionate about but in addition also to learn a new skill or something new while working on a project.

I have chosen to create a movie about my dogs, which I love so much and who are very important part of my life, but in addition I wanted to learn more about a role of a Guide Dog.

I am so happy that I have chosen to explore Guide Dogs Australia. Not only did I learn so much about what it takes to become a Guide Dog, training, upbringing and facts about their working life I am now more aware about the vision impairment that a Guide Dog owner might have and rules around what to do when you see a Guide Dog working. Such as, never talk or touch a Guide Dog that is in harness and working, only address their owner.

I am so happy with my movie.  I incorporated videos of my own dogs, Toby’s story which is a story about a young pup that becomes a Guide Dog and I also included pictures of various Guide Dogs and presented facts about Guide Dogs Australia.

This week, on a Thursday, we have to present our passion projects at school. I’m really excited but also a bit nervous.

Before you see my movie, I am going to share with you the positives, negatives and the challenges I have encountered whilst making my movie:


–      Following my timeline well

–      Receiving valuable information from Guide Dogs Australia

–      Getting my two dogs to assist me to make a movie; they were with me throughout the whole process even during Toby’s story

–      Creating a visual board with information about Dogs and Guide Dogs

–      Learning about an amazing role of a Guide Dog


–      Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to visit Guide Dogs Australia Office in person to record any footage as only staff is allowed to be on premises

–      Guide Dogs Australia was trying to set up a ‘meet and greet’ with their Guide Dog Andy who was going to be included in my movie but unfortunately he was too busy with his charity commitments, which is completely understandable.

–      I couldn’t share my movie on edublogs site because it is too long so I will have to show my movie from my Ipad



–      My camera work; at times it was really hard to keep my hands steady so some footage is a bit shaky

–      I recorded my movie on IMovie, which was good but I wish I had a proper recording app/equipment that would allow me to cut certain footage and make the movie more appealing


I really hope that you learn something from my movie about Guide Dogs and hopefully are able to support them.

By supporting Guide Dogs Australia you will assist in providing mobility to visually impaired person and changing their life forever.





Passion Project Week 6

Hi guys.

This week in my passion project was so exciting. I can’t believe we are finishing it this week. I have finished my movie and am very proud.

The thing I love the most about doing a passion project is that you can do whatever you want, there is only one rule, you have to learn something out of it. You can get so creative and have so much fun.

This week I recorded Toby’s story and if you watched my “What I got from Guide Dogs Australia” video you would know that I got a calendar and I realized that it has information about guide dogs, so I filmed me doing a voice over. There was a lot of funny moments where I couldn’t pronounce the words properly and I was laughing so hard. I added some videos and photos of me and my dogs as well.

Year 6 is going to present our passion projects next week on Thursday. We each get a table for ourselves. On my table, I will have my computer on my desk, as well as my foam board. I will have a cool thing that guide dogs Australia gave me, it is where you can see and experience what it is like to be a person with vision loss, or that need a guide dogs. Year 6 can all try it and read how guide dogs can help.

I have really enjoyed this week and I think I have got a lot done and I have accomplished a gold star on following my timeline/timetable.

I will show you the movie next week so I don’t spoil it.

Keep you updated.



Passion Project Week 5

Hey guys

This week I am concentrating on ‘doing’ phase of my Passion Project.

Doing phase is all about creating, making, learning and understanding.


My Passion Project is due soon which means I have nearly completed all the tasks I set out to do and I am actually feeling sad. But I am also happy because I have made so much progress and I can’t wait to share with you my end product.


When I first started I had some doubts about it because I was making a movie about my dogs, staring my dogs but then I wanted to do include something more inspirational in my project and with some amazing help from Guide Dogs Australia, my parents and a little inspiration from my dogs, I have gotten this far and I’m so excited.


This week I created a foam board as a visual prop that will accompany my movie. My board has information about dogs as pets, different breeds of dogs but also valuable information about Guide Dogs and vision impairment that many people experience. On my stand I will have a vision tool where you look through different settings to experience how much vision people with impairment actually have to give you an idea how much they can see in real live. I found that really interesting and it helped me understand where Guide Dogs fit in the process and how my assisting people can become mobile and independent.


In terms of filming my video I have recorded me reading Toby’s story. I am only going to give you a hint of what the story is about because I want to save it for the movie.  Toby’s story is about a puppy growing up to a grown guide dog and his journey of helping people.


You know what is so strange, I have seen so many Guide Dogs before and I would just walk past them but now I really notice them and wonder what their story is and what kind of vision impairment their owner has.

Did you know that when a Guide Dog is in harness, it is working with the person who is blind or has impaired vision so that  they can move around safely and independently. Whether it is walking, sitting or sleeping, it should not be patted, fed or distracted (Guide Dog Etiquette)


Below is a  a picture of a Guide Dog I saw on a train last week – I am so happy to share with you Guide Dog in action.

Displaying 20170524_201045.jpg

See you next week.




Passion Project Week 4

Hey guys!

Today I am back with another Passion Project post.

This week I have already started filming my movie and I have contacted Guide Dogs Australia and they have helped my a lot. I have asked guide dogs australia some questions and how I can help them. They told me what I could do and they very kindly sent me some things. There is a link down below telling you what Guide Dogs Australia provided me. I also added a video of some of the footage I took this week.


I hoped you liked the video. That’s all that I did this week. I will keep you posted.

Thanks Char

Passion Project Week 3

Hi guys

Our week 2 blog is about “getting started” on our passion project.

Last week I let you know that my passion project is about Dogs and that I’m making a movie about my dogs. I have made a few last minute changes to make sure I was 100% happy with my project.

Here they are:
My concept is to present different information about dogs, to build awareness that dogs aren’t just really, REALLY cute little animals but they can be so much more. You will see more though out this project.
I am going to add your questions in my movie. Each week you can ask me any questions about dogs and I will add them in my movie answering them. Make sure to also leave your URL to your blog as well.

I have finished my draft and my movie is going to be about pets which are my dogs compared to guide dogs which play a big role in peoples lives.

This week our additional task was to show you what SKILLS, MATERIALS, RESOURCES and INFORMATION we need for our passion project.

Here are some of mine:
research Guide Dogs Australia and set up an interview in their office
Research dog breeds and jobs dogs do
Learn how to film better
Presentation of my concept on foam board

MATERIALS: foam board, paint, stickers, paper, camera or my iPad,

RESOURCES: guide dogs Australia. My dogs, friends dogs, various reading materials about dogs.

INFORMATION: dogs can be more than just cute and cuddly animals. Guide dogs can assist anyone who has difficulty moving around as the result of vision loss.

I will know I successfully learnt my task when I can make other people aware about wonderful work Guide Dogs do and how through mobility comes independence.

I am loving my passion project so far and I can’t wait to tell you more about it next week.

Keep you guys posted
Thanks Char

Passion Project Week 1 & 2

Hey guys. I’m back. Today I am going to be talking about passion projects.

If you don’t know what the aim of a passion project is, it is when year 6s create a project in a limited amount of time,(in this case 7 weeks) but the project has to be something they are passionate about. I am creating/making a movie about my dogs. I have a few ideas of what it will be about but not completely sure. Comment down below what you think it will be about. To make sure that I finish in time I have created a timeline showing what I will do each week. Then you will know when to come back and what I will be posting about. Here is my timeline.


Week 1 and 2: Finish draft about movie and start researching and making the set of the movie.


Week 3: Finish making set and have meeting TBA (to be advised.) Start filming the intro using Imovie.


Week 5: Get other animals and dogs into the movie and film.


Week 6: Film more and more with my families help. Finish the movie and edit it.


Week 7: Edit the movie more and ask my parents for their opinion. Be ready to show.


Along with my timetable/timeline there will also be a task which will give more information about my passion project.

Keep you posted.

Thanks Char

Christmas Countdown (Day 2)

Hi guys, I’m back.

Today I am going to talk about Christmas again.

But the reason I haven’t been posting is because I have been extremely sick and busy. I am sorry I am doing it late.

So I am going to pretend it is 5 days until Christmas and begin my post like that. So this is just a reminder why I am doing this late.

Here would be my actual post. Starting in



Hey guys

I’m back. I am so excited because it is only 5 days until Christmas, We are so close.

Before I start talking about Christmas make sure to comment down below if you have any questions or you want me to post about anything else. Also make sure to subscribe by entering your email address in the widget on the right sidebar.

Also when I talk about what I got in my advent calendars or just in general when I get things please don’t take it like I want to brag because I don’t. Also I only got to save 2 out of 4 advent calendars because the other calendars I accidentally packed away not knowing. But I saved 2 of them.

Now, here’s the real part of the post.

In my advent calendar I got some amazing things that I sure love.

In my smiggle advent calendar I got a really pretty rainbow pencil pouch well more of a rainbow cardboard cylinder. In that I got some colored pencils and a pencil sharpener.

In my l’occitane advent calendar I got a almond hand cream that smells so good.

I don’t have a cool discovering today to do with Christmas today.

My Christmas diy is a garland

Here’s how to make it.

  1. Take some wool of you choice and do finger knitting till you reach the length of your choice.
  2. Then make some pom pomes. Depending on your preference and how long you finger knitting is is how may pom pomes you will need.
  3. Attach the pom pomes to the finger knitting by simply trimming the excess wool on your pom pom and then make a loop by simply doing a knot leaving a hole/loop. then put the loop over the finger knitting and put the pom pom through the loop
  4. Pull to secure it.
  5. Enjoy.

If you didn’t get that you can look up on YouTube ” How to finger knit”


” How to make pom pomes”

And it will show you how to do that.”

Here is some pictures of mine.

For this one I did the candy cane colors red and white.

And for this one I did the traditional Christmas colors red and green.

Also here is how my first diy turned out.

Also let’s see if I can get 10 comments on this post.

My questions for you are :

  1. Do you have a cool discovering about Christmas
  2. Do you have any life hacks
  3. What do you want for Christmas

Thanks Char